1904 Opening of what is now the Royal Tennis Club of San Sebastian. 115 years have passed since what was then the San Sebastian Recreation Club held its first International Tennis Championship. Over this century-long history, the locals from San Sebastian and visitors have had the fortune to be able to watch the ‘Nadals’ of each period on the club’s courts: Tilden, Santana, the Sánchezes – Vicario, Orantes…

historiaDuring the years of the financial crisis, it was not possible to continue holding that event, but the desire to put on a good tennis show, both for fans of this sport and people not yet familiar with it, led to us trying to recover this tournament in the ‘ITF WORLD TENNIS TOUR’ format.This has forced us to adapt to the demands of each format in order to meet their specific requirements and try to offer the best performance to the audience in San Sebastian, at the same time.

As always, top-level players from numerous nationalities will participate in this edition, along with others who, for whatever reason, used to be and are trying to break back into the top 100 rankings.

Live tennis is a spectacle which particularly surprises people who are not very familiar with this sport. The speed of the ball, the closeness of the players, the atmosphere and our marvellous setting never fail to impress the people who come to the Club. Many are even proud when, in the future, they see those players breaking into the final rounds of the grand slams, because they saw them live and even got their photo taken with them.

This is undoubtedly a unique chance to see top-level tennis in our city. And in the future we will continue to work on improving the tournament for each edition.

Come to the 91st City of San Sebastian International Tennis Competition – ITF World Tennis Tour and enjoy the best tennis! We look forward to seeing you!