The RCTSS, with the aim of offering its members, including San Sebastian residents and visitors, a first-rate sports event, is holding the 91st edition of the City of San Sebastian International Tennis Competition under the ITF WORLD TENNIS TOUR format, endowed with a prize money of $25,000.

Live tennis is a form of entertainment intended not only for lovers of the sport. It also appeals to those who do not follow it regularly. That is why we encourage everyone to take this opportunity to watch tennis of extremely high quality, FREE OF CHARGE.

The tournament is divided into the following events:

PLAYOFFS: Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 August. Bracket of 32 players, who will compete for the 8 places making up the final bracket.

FINAL PHASE: From Tuesday 27 August to Saturday 31 August. 32 player bracket. The semifinals will be played on Saturday 31 August. The final will take place on Sunday 1 September at 12:30h.

FINAL PHASE: From Tuesday 27 August to Saturday 31. 16 player bracket. The final will be played on Saturday 31 August.

(These are the scheduled dates and times for the two singles and male brackets, provided the weather permits.)

In addition to the prize money mentioned earlier, this year of transition of the ITF WORLD TENNIS TOUR the tournament will award ITF points and ATP points.

INTERNATIONAL CHARACTER: This event is part of the ITF WORLD TENNIS TOUR. It is worth highlighting its international character, which allowed us to see players of 11 different nationalities in the 2016 edition. Further information is available on the circuit website:

The players’ names will not be announced until two weeks prior to the start of the tournament, once the registration is closed. The champion of last year’s edition was Javier Barranco from Almeria, who at that time was 324 in the ATP ranking.


Follow the match results live on the tournament website.

If you subscribe, every day you will receive the day’s results, the brackets and order of play for the following day and news on any developments as they take place.


For the 89th CITY OF SAN SEBASTIAN INTERNATIONAL TENNIS COMPETITION, various materials will be used; some of them to ensure its proper running, and others to make the event and its sponsors as widely known as possible.

Poster of the tournament: We will print up to 200 copies for display at different locations throughout the city.

Brochures of the tournament: We will distribute 3,500 copies through the Donostia (San Sebastian) and associated Tourism Information Offices. We will thus also encourage the involvement of visitors from outside the city.

Leisure and sponsor area: in this area we will set up a number of stands where sponsors may interact with visitors.


Donostia / San Sebastian, besides being the European Capital of Culture in 2016, is a strategic enclave in terms of European and transatlantic communications, thanks to its nearby Loiu airport, offering frequent and swift connections with the Spanish and French capitals.

Holding a tournament of these characteristics by the sea, in one of the world’s most beautiful urban bays according to various specialised publications, lends an immeasurable appeal. With average temperatures between 23º and 24ºC and lows never below 14ºC, it is the ideal time of year to enjoy the parallel tourism activities that our city has to offer: its beaches, its cuisine, its nearby villages, the French coast – an ensemble with irresistible appeal.